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"Out Of The Darkness" is my latest single which I co-wrote and am featured on the track. This song was written at time I was going through a lot with my mother just passing away of cancer. I was in the strangest head space not knowing how to even cope or how life could even still be real. I had met a new love interest at the time that made me feel like perhaps everything would be ok and I would be out of this darkness I was in soon.  

I think this song can speak to everyone. Whether it's about finding a new love or even a new hobby; any new amazing change in his or her life that could make life better and suddenly take you out of this sad space life sometimes brings.  

I loved writing this song with Leo Capper (Leo Dynamic1) who co-produced this track and my other single "La  La La" and also my literal life coach and fellow songwriter Edm artist Sciarra.  It was one of those tracks you hear and know right away what the song should be about. It was also produced by the amazing AJ Afterparty who produced my other two songs.  I hope this song gives light to anyone who is going through a hard time. It does get better. :) 


Check out the lyric video below.

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